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How to root Navon Platinum 7 Tablet [Guide]

A few days ago, the world finally discovered procedure as root Navon Platinum 7 .

1) Prepare the SD card to FAT32 format here
2) upload it on this patch


and put all four files to the root directory.
3) insert it into the tablet and press the volume down and switch. Tablet flashes and appears even upgrading the display turns off and the amber charging.
4) for some time tablet itself will start and will root.


Of course everything you do on your own responsibility. 

  • Bela

    Does this work on Platnum 10 too? Can it screw my device?

  • Szili

    Could you reupload please? The link doesn’t work.

  • Peter

    Yeah plz reupload!

  • Mike

    pls reupload ;)