One of the most interesting and most controversial of the new HTC is the new home, which indicates the name of HTC Blinkfeed: an innovation that not everyone appreciated and many fear that can not be deactivated. HTC actually thought even to those who do not like this news and let the option not to use this feature.

Many have never even picked up a HTC One, so they can certainly trying BlinkFeed, but despite this a try unbridled hatred for the new news aggregator and never want to use it on your device. This is possible since it is possible to set as the main screen a screen different from that of BlinkFeed, then using the One as any eat the classical home divided into desktop browsable horizontally. Pressing the home button, then you will not be brought to the screen with BlinkFeed, but to a normal screen with widgets and icons set by the user.

BlinkFeed is not really disabled, at least not in the sense that disappears, but you just do not scroll the screen to the left to never see him again. In addition, it is enabled does not consume any resources and remains dormant and inactive until further notice.

In short, the beauty of Android is to choose, in which case you can, as you may choose not to use BlinkFeed and use the One as we have always used a smartphone with Sense interface. If so BlinkFeed was cause for concern for you in choosing your next smartphone, relax: you can buy the One and never see BlinkFeed.