JBFWFlasher also know as easy flasher for HTC One X for flashing firmware to it. XDA member developed this nice tool for you convinence to use Android 4 and above on your mobie by reading some tips.

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All the steps in the program are detailed and clear description, however, the English language. So, Easy Flasher can:

CID display 
Close loader 
install firmware-based Jelly Bean and HBoot 1.28 
Open loader 
install rekaveri CWM 
flash a boot.img

So, to install the firmware you need a smartphone HTC One X, custom firmware by Jelly Bean (lying on the virtual SD-card in the smart phone), boot.img to flash (copied to the folder with JBFWFlasher) , there should be a file Unlock_code.bin , obtained from the site HTCdev.com is officially unlocking the device . If this file is lost, check e-mail, or follow the procedure unlock again.

If you are interested in the program JBFWFlasher, you can go to the link . There you can take the discussion in the discussions, download the latest version of the application and report them.