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Peace Tv Mobile Phone Only Islamic Mobile Phone

Peace tv announced full Islamic Mobile phone for all the Muslims Ummah Around the world , we already posted first Islamic mobile named as MQ710  in India with best features . An advertisement showed us the features of this phone , really a must have mobile phone for Muslim Community for daily needs.

Peace Tv Mobile Phone

Peace Tv Mobile is powered by Dual Core processor , 4 GB internal storage expandable through SD card to 32GB, display screen 4.63 inches , Dual Sim, 5 Mega Pixel auto focus back camera, OS is not yet known. Price of Peace Tv Mobile Phone is also not announced but keep in touch we will post release date and price soon.

Peace Tv Mobile Phone Special Features:

> Over 80 hours Dr. Zakir Naik’s videos.
> Over 50 Authentic Islamic Applications.
> Over 100 Islamic Wallpapers.
> Over 200 Islamic Ringtones.
> Islamic Nasheeds.
> Books on Islam & Comparative Religion of Dr. Zakir Naik.


Peace Tv Mobile Phone English Ad:

Peace Tv Mobile Phone Urdu Ad:

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Peace Mobile 2 Price Specs

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  • m.ali

    Wonderfull best pice price pleas

  • hamiar ahmed

    Asalam alykum i like to know is peace mobil for sale yeat?

  • http://asf-mobiles.com Love Peoples

    Price is not announces yet

  • fayal

    how can i get peace mobile?

  • http://asf-mobiles.com Love Peoples

    when it is available in market i will post here

  • umar farooq

    how can i get it what is the price

  • http://asf-mobiles.com Love Peoples

    stay connected to get known when it is available

  • sujan

    good go ahead i will try to use peace mobile and i will advice my friends and family to use this . thanks

  • Zubair

    Assalam alaikum can u send me a mail when price announces.And how i have to book mobile.online or its available in market.

  • http://asf-mobiles.com Love Peoples

    you can like us on Facebook to get updates about price and buy

  • tariq

    Fantastic, looking forward to its relesse.

  • আল্লাহ

    খাঙ্কির পোলা… মানুষরে গাধা পাইছ…

  • hamiar ahmed

    Dulasaid@gmail.com these is my email

  • Manir Jahangir

    How much the price for cell phone? And how get it. manirjahangir@gmail.com

  • Nazir Ahmad Khan

    Asalamu Alikum
    Kindly tell me how to buy this peace mobile you can send me email at nkhan@kashmirnuts.com
    I can be distributor of your peace mobile in Kashmir.

    Nazir Ahmad Khan
    09797 79 1657

  • Madog!

    Naam palta aage !!! Gor’dhob!!!

  • Guest

    Asslam alaikum w/b what price of Peace mobile Plz. Send my Email ID kkhan90172@gmail.com

  • Rashi Khan

    Asslam alaikum what price of peace mobile Plz. send this +email id khan90172@gmail.com

  • muslim


    can u plz tell me whats the price of peace mobile and how to place order. i m interested to buy it.. i request u to send details to islam14786@gmail.com

  • Rubayat Ahmed

    As saamu Alaikum,my email is rubayat1973@gmail.com.I am from Dhaka,Bangladesh.Please let me know how to buy it.Zajjak Allah Khair

  • Sahid Khan

    Assalamu Alaikum wa Rehmatullah.. can anyone tell me what is the cost and how can i get this peace mobile.. i would love to use this phone.. plz notify me my email is Sahidk.317@gmail.com.. Jazak’Allah..

  • jakriya

    assalam alikum , its a great news peacetv live is available on the mobile my one more suggetion to peace tv mobile makers , provide OUTPUT SOCKET CONNECTOR TO TV.
    it will be a great feature for THE USER WHERE WE CAN’T GET PEACE TV FROM SETTOP BOXES.

  • Muh’d Sanusi Sinan

    i need to know price of d phone and can i order it?

  • syedluqman

    assalam alaikum what is the price peace tv mobile to my mail id syedluqman7@gmail.com

  • Rizwan

    Assalamualaykum. Peace Mobile Phone is the best implementation. We need it everyday for Islamic knowledge because this generation is misguided by phones. Insha-Allah we will go back to the straight path. My opinion is that this phone is more than its price. Jazaka-Allah Khair. Please tell me when it is released.

  • irfan ahmed

    asalam alaikum what price of this mobile’and how to book it plz send me all at irfan.ahmed.bania@gmail.com

  • Muneer uz zaman

    plz give specification & details of peace mobile.
    It will helpful to us who are belong to this community.

  • mohammed ashraf

    Assalamualikum, what is the price of peace mobile and detail information of the mobile and the process to buy it, as i want to buy it, so please send me the following details at my email address “mohammed_ashraf227@yahoo.com” thank you Assalamualikum…

  • hafiz ayyaz

    please send us peace mobile price.

  • http://asf-mobiles.com Love Peoples

    You can book Peace tv Mobile via this Form


  • AsifMooXani

    What Price of Peace Mobile Please Rply?

  • kadu mohammed juneed


    please inform the cost of the mobile for purchase to email juneed_70@rediffmail.com

  • arshi saiyed

    Asslamualaikum what is the price of peace mobile plz send the details to buy it .

  • khalid ali

    i want to buy peac mobile whats the price khalid ali & mohd azhar 9212121296 9540031162

  • khalid ali

    i want to know that whats the price of peace mobile

  • mohd azhar

    i need to know price of d phone and can i order it?

  • Md. Asad-uz-Zaman

    Alhamdulillah! I am so happy to know this. I would like to suggest that the phone may include instant Qibla direction based on GPS. That will help the travellers. Jazakallahu Khairun!

  • ansar

    i want this mobile

  • ansar

    how much the price of this mobile i need five set of mobile it is urgent

  • kazi hasan

    KIT NA PRICE HA. i need to buy. alhamdulillah

  • kazi hasan

    i live bangladesh. so how can i buy it

  • Munthakheem

    Assalamualaikum pls send price of peace mobile


    asalamu alikum ,

    iski qimat kya hongi

    Allah hafiz

  • Mohammad adil chowdhury

    Assalam aliakum allahumdulilla very nice peace phone but brothers when will we receive this phone.
    I live in London

  • Shamsh Tabrez

    whatever be the price of mobile, i need to purchase it… please tell me where to order.

  • mdnurul islalam

    Assalamu alykum, I am from bangladesh.I am interested to take peace tv islamic mobile phone dealership in entire bangladesh.

    please all terms and conditions details mentioned by return email for take dealership in bangladesh.

    Best regards

    nurul islam

  • ASM Saidul Islam

    How many Peace TV Mobile Price ….Please send my E-mail: asmsaidul@yahoo.com

  • masroof

    when it should be possible in market and what should be price of the peace mobile

  • Sani Dahiru Danja

    Salam, hw do I get peace mobile in Nigeria. Email to sddanja@yahoo.com

  • Mohammad Rashel Chowdhury

    Asalam alykum.I’M RASHEL from bangladesh. I’m interested to buy peace mobile.


  • Mohammed Hameed Uddin Wasif

    Assalamualikum, what is the price of peace mobile and detail information
    of the mobile and the process to buy it, as i want to buy it, so please
    send me the following details at my email address
    “mohammed_ashraf227@yahoo.com” thank you Assalamualikum…

  • Md. Shahiduzzaman

    How can I buy it from dhaka,banglaesh? for any info plz email: shahidmist30@yahoo.com

  • Mohammed Abdullah

    i Need know please give me details……………to buy this

  • Babangidamuhammad kasim

    As salamu alaikum ,May Allah increase you in knowledge , innovative Technology, and reward you aboundantly for this great work done. If its ready in the market lets know , many are interested. Ma’assalam

  • Pervej Rana

    please send me peace mobile price and its catalog by this email pervej.rana@hotmail.com

    Tnx in advance for your kind co-operation.

    Pervej Rana


    assalamualiakum very good idea of spreading islam with technology iam intrested to by this phone please send the price on my email -tariqameen7@gmail.com thanks allah hafiz

  • Ubax Yasin

    Asalaamualaikum Wa Rehmatullah, i am eagerly waiting to know the price of peace mobile, how can i order from Zambia, jazakallah

  • alnisa javed

    asalamu alikum, would like 2 know da price please and where i could purchase from plz do email . jazak allah

  • asghar ali

    asslamualikum peace mobile phone price so i need self use and sale i am in Pakistan please sdunly reply. asgharali625@yahoo.com

  • Md. Ziaul Haque

    I need price of peace mobile & how can I buy this mobile from Dhaka, Bangladesh? Plz inform me about this. Email: ziaulhaquenub@gmail.com



  • syed kamran

    I like to buy peace modile please help

  • Abu Abdul’Aziz

    Assalamu alayku

    How Much does it cost

    and if buying in bulk (Wholesale Price)
    Jazakumullah khairan

  • osman

    assalamualikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. I am from Kenya and would like to take the dealership in Kenya for peace mobile, please let me know the price and all necessities involved. my email is osmanlaving@yahoo.com. jazakallahu khairun

  • abdul wahid

    Zakir Naik is the Brand ambassador what ever be the price it will rock the market best wishes to peave tv

  • Shaekh Shahin

    asslamualikum peace mobile phone price so i need self use and sale i am in Bangladesh please sdunly reply. My email address: shahin12.bift@gmail.com

  • RAFI



    Peace mobile where we can buy in jeddah, urgently i need it so i can start my ramazan with peace.


    Asalaamu Alikum
    i would like to know how to buy this phone in the United States .
    my email is :inshaned@yahoo.com

  • Zainab

    How much is the phone in UK and is it powered by Android?

  • musa

    may Allah blss u nd us Dr Zakir for helpin muslims ummsh

  • Shareef osman yamani

    Assalaamalikum warehmatullah peace mobile ka price kiya hai aur my is ko khareedna chahta hon mujhey isko khareednay kay liye kissay contact karna chahiyay

  • thuwayba

    assalamualikum, what is the price and how could i purchase the peace mobile if i live in Australia melbourne

  • javvad ahmed azmi

    asalamalikum….. i need to know the price of the mobile nd want to know the terms of whole sale business….. email to azmi.javvad@gmail.com

  • shaikh abdul quddus

    I want a peace mobile immidiatly so please give me more information 0n my email

  • zaid

    i want to buy this mob please tell me price

  • hm saleem

    please tell me pease mobile price,my contect number ,03035867916.

  • Rana

    How can I got this mobile in Bangladesh?

  • Nadir Ali

    Assalamualiak I want buy it…..how can I get it? Plz can give me information at my email:nali338@gmail.com

  • M S Dabhoiwala

    What is d price for Gujarat? plz email mohammadhanifdabhoiwala@gmail.com

  • Muhammad Adil Solangi

    ALHADULILLAH, I am hardly waiting for its proposed price, kindly it must be in reach of as middle class or lower.

  • Kamaal Ashong

    Asaalamualaik would be very glad if i could knw the price and buy one.

  • sumona afroze

    assalamualikum, i want to know the price of peace mobile..

  • nadeem akhtar

    i want a buy peace mobile but how????

  • Khalid shaikh

    PeaceMobile :p

  • Syed Rasheed

    i need to know price of d phone and can i order it? & sms me price

  • ahmed uddin


    asalamualikum what price of peace moblie plzsend this email id maryamfatima.aiman@yahoo.com

  • ahmed uddin


  • ahmed uddin


  • ibrahim

    please email price to me-email: bossbosstings@gmail.com

  • talib hussain

    talib hussain aslam o alikum sair mobail kisy mil sakta hi barcelona min


    Assalamu Alaikum…….What is the price of peace mobile………

  • Baloch

    Assalam Alaikum
    May i know the price of this mobile & where i can get it in Bahrain, Plz reply me is soon Possible…

  • anas tanveer

    I want prise of peace tv mobile

  • syed aaliya anjum

    i need tis phone pls giv meh d details of the phone??? how do I buy it I want to order for it????????

  • syed aaliya anjum

    pls let meh kno d details of d phone…mail meh as soon as possible…aaliyanjum94@gmail.com

  • Abdul-Samed Seidu

    Great News! when can we have it in GHANA?

  • aswad

    aslkum cn i knw diz mble cost ? ?

  • cadey habiib

    i need to get this wonderful phone please send me an email how can i get tis phine umulqer2006@hotmail.com shukran jazakalaahum kheyran

  • Tajammul afzal

    I want to know thwe price of peace mobile & how to purchase it

  • Sk Faruq

    as slam alekum please infrom price

  • s ali

    Assala mualikum, what is the price of peace mobile and detail information
    of the mobile and the process to buy it, as i want to buy it, so please
    send me the following details at my email address


  • s ali


  • rashid ur rahman

    assalamalaikum ,i m intrested in getting an agency of peace mobile in andra pradesh ,hydrabad please let me know about it.

  • munawar

    Assalaam alikum I am munawar khan from hongkong I am interested in this cell phone. Please sent me all detail and price. My email id is mk_895@hotmail. As soon as possible. ALLAH HAFIZ.

  • mohd azim siddiqui

    Asslam alaikum what price of peace mobile Plz. send this +email id yoursazim4@gmail.com

  • shafi

    assalamu alaikum…. masha allah bahut khushi ki baat hai… mujhe peacetvmobile chayiye my karnataka ke koppal distric se hu…. kaise milega? please give me suggeustion….

  • Riaz

    AOA, same question still dont know price pls send me the price of this mobil on this email address riaz_alis1@yahoo.com. thanks AllahHafiz

  • samim

    As-slamalikum how can I buy this phone how much money I want its distributor ship my mail id samimazad07@gmail.com

  • ahmed uddin

    please send us peace mobilprice

  • Toufikur rahman

    i have to buy a phone. toufik

  • Salauddin Rafi

    I also want to bye this phone. Would you please help me if you get any information? My email id is

  • Syed Anas

    AS SALAAMU ALAI KUM. wareh matul laahi wabara katuhu. sir plz tell me the price peace mobile and where i buy this mobile give a addrress also..?

  • Fazal

    salaams, as everyone else I too join the waiting list for the peace tv mobile, its been a while since it has been advertised and when is it going to be available in the market? please email me on hassimfazal@yahoo.com jazakallah

  • masahudu faisal

    i need to know the price and where to get it also the system it would use. i would prefer ot to be an android system

  • Abdifatah osman

    want it to be an agent for the production in east africa. whom and where can i get the contact, or mail me kudhufo@hotmail.com

  • ajaz ahmed

    asslam-a-laikum wa rakhmatullahi wabarakatu, i would like to know the price of the phone cos i want to buy it. my email add is ajazahmed7115@yahoo.co.uk


    how i can order for the mobile?



  • Mir Rasool

    I need this mobile immediately kindly write the price of this mobile and how can I get this and from where ? thanks Allah bless peace TV and the manufacturer of this Mobile

  • Mir Rasool

    please mail me the price of this mobile my mail is ( mirrasool786@gmail.com)

  • mohamed yusuf

    fantastic. important for evey muslim

  • Md ayub

    What is the price of this ph. in India ? And I want to know the full specifications of this ph.

  • Hilal Ahmad Ganaie

    Assalamu alikum I want to know Manufacturer of the said Cell Phone.

  • Fatima Vallimohamed

    asalam o alaikum
    i need to know the price of the mobile





  • Wasim

    I have to pay VAT and other taxes in european union.

  • Attey Tijani

    muslems are happy to have peace tv,how much is the price of the phone and when
    ist coming out.


    ASALAM ALEIKUM what is the price of this dua phone and how can i get it in MOMBASA(KENYA)

  • Muhammad Azhar

    the price is 475 $ USD

  • anonymous

    How can I gEt*

  • meraj khan from hyd

    what is the price of peace mobile

  • irfan

    it’s price range about 13k (INR)

  • shiek jibril tamfu

    buea islamic complex cameroon need the peace mobile phone. tells us the price and how to get it here in cameroon.we need 50 pcs.

  • abdullah

    i want to buy peacemobile as soon as possible.please tell me the price of peacemobile

  • abdullah


  • Sadia muslimah

    Assalamualikum, will you please email the full details of this phone like the price and how to purchase it as i am from london. Sadia_Tarafder@hotmail.co.uk

  • Wasfi Waleed Sarrar

    does anyone know if the peace mobile works on verison?

  • tahmid khan

    is it selling in america?

  • Sadaf Altaf

    Asslam alaikum what price of peace mobile Plz and How can I buy it from pakistan ?

    my email. sadafaltaf@outlook.com

  • Md. Faruque Hossain

    Dear Sir,

    Assalamu Alikum,
    I am Md. Faruque Hossain a Bangladeshi & living in Dhaka

    My Ques. is how i can get a mobile set. & how can pay the money?
    Please let us know.



  • Sk.Feroz

    Dear Sir

    Assalamu Alikum,

    I am Feroz Ahmed, a Bangladeshi & living in Dhaka
    My Ques. is how i can get a mobile set. & how can pay
    the money?

    Please let us know.

  • Aliyu Ibrahim Muhammad

    In the situation where sm1 wantt to buy it? how would he/she go about it? Here is my email address as alidam11@yahoo.com


    I want distribution of
    Peace mobile At Madhya Pradesh Plz. Contact 09907034658

  • TAQI


  • Buy Peace Mobile Nigeria

    Buy Peace in Mobile Nigeria
    For all enquiries please contact RedRuby Nigeria Limited, 10 Buchanan Crescent, Wuse 2, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

    +234-8092927710, +234-8103803595


    “We are the only Authorized Distributor of Peace Mobile in Nigeria”.

  • Habibullah

    Assalamo Alaikom wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh
    I really like such kind of Islamic mobile it is very fruitful mobile for all muslims and non muslims, thus I need to buy one mobile. How to buy this mobile, where to buy, when to buy and what is the price? If you get to my questions reply me on this Email address: habibkhan85@gmail.com


    Qari Habibullah

    Project Manager at OMAR

  • A. Halim

    Olaykum salam wa rahmatullah i read to your coloum it very nice you are great man for Muslim cause you already achieve the holy Qur’an

  • asad

    Assalamualikum i am from Bangladesh i want to buy this phone ,will you please tell from where i can buy this phone

  • Rahana Akter

    How I get it? And price?

  • Musa Abdurrahman

    i want buy peace mobile


    as salam alekum pls peace mobile price inform me my e-address-hazimld1990@gmail.com tanks ALLAH HAFIZ…

  • Guest

    I all ready bought from IRF, Bangladesh add: Madbar manson, mirpur-10 (g-floor)

  • Salman Razu

    I all ready bought from IRF (India),Bangladesh add: Madbar manson, mirpur-10 (g-floor)

  • Ibrahim

    Please sir, i am in Ghana west Africa i want to know the price of the peace phone and also where can i get one ?

  • Muzakkir

    I want to by this peace 2 mobile. 8108496085 Muzakkir